Workshop Conditions of Hire

The Port Adelaide Community Arts Centre provides workshop facilities for tutors to hire for conducting art classes for their students. This Code outlines the responsibilities of the tutors and students towards the workshop facilities and to one another.

Safety and communication

Immediately report to the Workshop Coordinator:

  • Any damage found on entering, or caused during your class
  • Any personal accident occurring during class
  • Any complaints about the facilities, etc

There is a first aid kit in the pottery workshop and, if used, please ensure a note is left in the book indicating which items were used.

Please ensure that you and your students are aware of the emergency evacuation procedure that is affixed to the main workshop wall.

Workshop facilities

Tutors must ensure that:

  • Their students are aware of their responsibilities
  • They check the clay trap at the end of the lesson and immediately report if the trap has clay in it

Tutors and students must:

  • Treat the workshop and equipment with care and respect
  • Keep their work areas clean and free of paint, clay spillage, etc
  • Not enter any other area but their own part of the workshop
  • Not leave food items, apart from milk, in the fridge
  • Respect PCAC’s and others’ property left on the premises
  • Store their bags, cases, etc, in the allocated storage areas
  • Not pour acrylic or oil paints down the hand basin or other drains
  • Not wash clay-covered items in, or flush clay down the wet workshop drain

Silt trap in the wet workshop

There is a silt trap in the floor adjacent to the wet workshop sink. Its function is to trap solids to prevent them from entering the main drain. The trap is licensed to us by the State Government and, if found to be full, PCAC will be heavily fined. If this occurs we will have no recourse but to recoup those costs by increasing wet workshop fees. Users of the wet workshop must, therefore, not wash clay covered items in, or flush clay down, the sink.

Before leaving the workshop

Tutors must ensure that:

  • Any paint, or other spillage, left by your students, has been cleaned up
  • The tables have been wiped clean, the floor swept and the waste paper bin emptied into the blue-topped bin, adjacent the workshop
  • The air conditioners are turned off
  • The lights are turned off
  • The alarm is set and the door closed behind you when you leave

Wilful, or continuing disregard of these responsibilities will lead to extra charges, to recover cleaning and/or repair costs, and may lead to cancellation of a tutor’s tenure.