About us

The Port Community Arts Centre is a focal point for artists within (and outside) the Port Adelaide/Enfield area. We provide meaningful learning opportunities for existing and aspiring artists as well as an appealing venue to enable artists to successfully showcase their work.

Our main activities are conducting art classes for established and aspiring artists and to conduct members and others’ exhibitions in our Black Diamond Gallery.

Classes are held in the workshop behind the gallery.

Our board

The board is comprised of up to twelve elected members who carry out the administrative and other duties required to effectively and efficiently run the Centre.

All communication is via mobile phone or email to any of the Board Members – or feel free to catch up with any of us in the gallery or workshop spaces!

Any member can nominate to become a member of the board at our AGM. For enquiries please contact us through our contact page.

Our board members

John Ford

John Ford

Deputy Chairperson
David Baker

Erin Roud

Minute Secretary
Laura Girling

Newsletter Editor
Erin Roud

Gallery Coordinator

Exhibition Coordinator
Claire Colbey (admin)

Workshop Coordinator
Kaz Pedersen

Memberships Coordinator
Claire Colbey

Kylie Macey

Julie Meadows

Social sub-committee
Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Julie Meadows

Youth Art sub-committee
Kylie Macey