David Baker
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David Baker FRSASA AiPP. David is an Adelaide-based photographer and artist who works with watercolours and acrylics. His practice is experimental and innovative-manipulating mediums in unique ways to create artwork that tells a story.

With his photography,David seeks out lines, shadow, reflection, repetition and disturbance or disruption. First capturing the context then cropping for a minimalist representation. In post he crops more for composition and amplifies colours to take the design to another place-creating more energy and so a new story emerges.When painting, David uses a variety of materials, from house-paint rollers and brushes, to bricking and tiling trowels. He is influenced by a strong urban and industrial aesthetic.

In his dynamic and experimental practice, he reveals a tension between the representation of the organic and inorganic. For David, the creation is the beginning. Telling the stories and listening to how others see the work is an engagement that completes the experience.