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Ilka (Illy) Rathsack creates mandala art as a channel of discovering truth – her truth. Through the act of creation she brings to her consciousness that which is hidden. Her mandala art is a contemporary expression of the sacred geometry symbols of the mandala. Combining inspiration from the ancient cultures of the past with contemporary consciousness of today, they are the process by which Ilka deciphers and delivers her interpretation of the underlying structure of life, our connection with the Divine and our relationship between the Cosmos and the Earth.

Her mandala art mostly contains, although is not limited to, symmetrical geometric patterns using a grid format and concentric circles which feature elements of sacred geometry.

As she grows as an artist, and as a spiritual being, her creative style tends to evolve and change regularly. However, the signature characteristics which differentiate Ilka from other mandala artists are the fine precise detailed line work and the bright bold colours she uses. These and her attention to detail, which may not be apparent from afar, and also the background design beyond the circle, invites the viewer closer to the art work which then draws them energetically into the mandala, potentially altering their vibration and expanding their consciousness. Ilka’s mandala artworks are powerfully charged with energy.

Port Community Arts Centre 
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Group Exhibitions

Oct 2017

”A Family Affair”

The Royal South Australian Society of Art, North Terrace Adelaide


“Red Challenge”

Gawler Community Gallery, Twenty-Third Street, Gawler SA

Aug 2017


Port Community Arts Centre

Black Diamond Gallery, 66 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide SA

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