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Valerie Glennie


Valerie's Artwork:
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Valerie Glennie was born in Kent in England, has a daughter, a son and two grand-daughters, and now lives in Taperoo.  Although she teaches oils and acrylics from her home, Valerie still describes herself as an amateur artist who loves the work of many different artists. She says she is not an art critic and is only “a critic of my own work.”  Always interested in art, Valerie says that she “started out doing china painting as there was no teacher of oils where I lived.  I did not do traditional stuff on the china, so I am mainly self-taught, but have had people along the way that have helped me.  I think that you are always learning, whether from your own life or from other people’s experiences, and they all make up the whole of many of the works that I do (sounds a little pretentious but is quite true).”

Valerie, who started drawing as a young child, tried sculpture in her early teens and eventually started painting in her late 20’s.  She says she is “not now in her 20’s, early or late” and that she has “been painting for several decades”.

She has won 2nd & 3rd prizes at the Royal Show for her china painting and has received several merit awards for oil paintings at the various Council and Lions exhibitions where she often shows her work.

She prefers to work in oils and likes to paint portraits (human and animal), landscapes, seascapes, marine and botanical works of art.  At this stage Valerie does not have her own website, but she is considering it. 

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